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Jenna Compono Weight Loss 2022, Workout and Diet Plan

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Jenna Compono

For many people, Jenna Compono weight loss story inspires them to do better with themselves. They can take a lot of inspirations from her, including her success and now her weight loss success. After all, who doesn’t want to look good like her?

Jenna Compono is a popular reality TV stars, mostly known for her MTV franchise shows, such as The Challenge, Battle of the Exes II, and Bloodlines.

Because of her appearance, she has become one of the models too, been involved in several fashion shows. She is also a social media personality, which is a kind of influencer whose popularity is increasing in the social media platform.

Jenna Compono Workout

Jenna Compono Weight Loss Journey

Another reason why she is known by the public is because of Jenna Compono weight loss fact. Compono was known as this stunning lady with body figure to die for, but that was before her pregnancy.

She did gain weight during her pregnancy (after all, who didn’t?) but it wasn’t such an extreme gain, really. She wasn’t obese or excessively heavy, but you can tell that she gained weight.

But after her incident with her ankle, Compono had to take a break from the public eye, and when she appeared again, she looked new! She definitely had shed some of those extra pounds, because Compono looks like her old self before the pregnancy.

Another thing that makes such a thing a headline is because of her appearance. She looks glowing, happy, and healthy.

And it’s obvious that she lost the weight due to healthy meal planning and regular exercise. On her Twitter, Jenna Compono said that she lost 10 pounds of weight by visited to the gym and exercise everyday.

Jenna Compono Weight Loss Before After

Jenna Compono has always been known for her stark physical appearance. Not only she is gorgeous and beautiful, but she is also athletic. Her slim appearance has made thousands of women become envious of her body figure.

But things haven’t always been easy for her, especially during her pregnancy. Not only that she had gained weight, but she also had a heart issue that made her unable to get epidural.

The reality TV star admitted that she has always been physically active, but she has one weakness: food. And the fact that she was unable to take control of what she consumed when she was pregnant was one of her reasons of gaining weight.

If you take a look of her pictures of before and after, she did look a bit chubby and curvier, but she still looked healthy and good. But now, she has regained her slim figure again, and looking athletic as ever!

Jenna Compono Weight Loss

Diet Plan

Her weight loss journey started when she was on the challenge show. However, some people said that the journey actually started when she had to recover from her bad ankle.

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After her surgery and stuff, she went to Peak Performance in Wantagh to go through rehabilitation. Moreover, she also shared her story through the Twitter about it.

She tweeted about how much enlightenment she had gained, and how she couldn’t believe of how much food she had consumed in the past.

She also said on her Instagram that she was on strict diet with working out and eating clean. And she drink a tea to speed up her body metabolism.

Final Words

Naturally, successful weight loss means discipline. It’s about having a balanced workout routine and discipline meal plan that you need to undergo.

It’s about changing your lifestyle for good; not only for temporarily. And this is exactly what Jenna Compono weight loss is all about

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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