jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Journey, Workout 2022 (Before After)

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Kit Keenan Weight Loss

Kit Keenan Weight Loss – Kit Keenan is one of the stars in the Bachelor Season 25. Well, if you like to watch the program, her appearance must be familiar enough. But if you notice her well, you may find something different from her.

Yes, Kit Keenan looks slimmer and fresher than before. Is there any secret to her new body shape? Well, if you are curious about Kit Keenan weight loss, make sure to continue reading.

Who is Kit Keenan

You must recognize Cynthia Rowley, a famous American fashion designer and businesswoman, Yes, she is the mother of Kit Keenan. Recently, the name of Kit Keenan became more popular after she appeared on popular series The Bachelor Season 25 in early 2021.

Kit Keenan was born in New York City on 20 May 1999. She is still very young and very talented woman. She is very active with social medias such as Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, and all of her social media accounts has so many followers.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Journey

The change in her appearance doesn’t come overnight. Some years ago, you may still find her a little bit fat on some parts of her body. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that since Keenan just looked good on it.

But after some months, some changes are seen. Until now, she looks slimmer than what we have seen when she was still in the Bachelor.

Kit Keenan Diet Plan

It is actually not a secret that the girl applies to a certain diet program. In September 2020, she shared her experience on her own official YouTube channel entitled What I Eat in a Day. Interestingly, Keenan doesn’t only share her diet experience but also some recipes and ideas.

There is also a video clip on the Vlog episode. She doesn’t mention a particular diet program there. She said that sometimes she does intermittent fasting but sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes also, she eats a completely plant-based menu but sometimes she eats animal protein all day long.

Sounds inconsistent? Well, maybe. But it also sounds like Keenan doesn’t want to be pressed by an expectation to look slim instantly. Yes, she wants to be slimmer and healthier while still enjoying her life.

Her diet plan is very suitable for you who want to lose weight without being tortured with strict rules. Generally, proteins and fat are still important for adults for our cell developments and energy. There is no reason to remove them at all from our daily menu.

Kin Keenan Work Out

Aside from conducting a diet plan and creating new recipes, Kit Keenan also does work out. On her blogs also, she frequently shares videos of her workout. Some types of workouts she often does are cardio strikes, extensions for back pain, the ankle weight workout, and lean arms workouts.

The 22 year-old girl reveals her favorite workout. Among them mentioned above, she loves the Low-intensity steady-state training. It is a type of workout that looks like walking and Pilates. Besides, she also tries to move every day to keep her body good as well as her muscles long and lean.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Before and After

Although how much she has lost her weight is unclear, you can see clearly that she does it well. Through her vlogs and Instagram posts, the changes are seen gradually and they are just good. Undeniably, she is really concerned about her health as she also added that she has been working out even after graduating from high school. The picture below is the before and after of Kit Keenan weight loss.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Before After

Final Words

Kit Keenan is still very young. But her spirit to live well and healthily is a good example to all of us. Interestingly, she is not too much in planning and undergoing her diet program.

Keenan enjoys it as she still has some attempts to eat her favorite foods. Besides, her workout routine is also a very good thing to do.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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