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Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Journey 2022 (Transformation)

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Chelsea Houska Weight Loss

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss – The journey of Chelsea Houska losing weight became inspirations for lot of moms in the world with her weight gain problem after giving birth. This entrepreneur and beautician shared how she can run her life after having an extra baby pound in the second pregnancy.

Chelsea Houska Deboer who married Cole Deboer in 2016 had some problems like positive consuming meth and other drug issues.

Luckily, this teen mom realizes to live better with a healthier lifestyle. She looked skinny after the second giving birth until emerging some reactions from her followers. Some of them give critical but another defended her by saying that Chelsea looks slim and eye-catching with her appearance now.

Who is Chelsea Houska

For those of you who are often watching Teen Mom series, you must know Chelsea Deboer. She portrayed as Houska as a teenage girls who has daughter Aubre Skye Lind from her relationship with Adam.

Chelsea was born in South Dakota, California on 29 August 1991. She is currently 31 years old, recently she had difficult time to lose weight, but now she successful to lose some of pounds.

Chelsea Houska Workout

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Journey

Chelsea Houska’s weight loss is different from the common diet plan by keep involving junk food in her meal. Usually, people avoid pizza and other fast foods during undergoing their weight loss journey. However, it is not ruled by Chelsea as a junk food lover. Nonetheless, she makes it by using her healthier recipe.

For example, she made a chocolate brownie shake with coffee every day. Chelsea made pizza crust from buffalo, chicken, and Frank’s hot sauce. The other foods that Chelsea likes are the big mac salad, Thai lettuce wraps, and egg roll in a bowl. Those meals become Chelsea Houska weight loss meals with healthier recipes.

Why does Chelsea include those foods? It is because changing bad habit quickly is not easy moreover her husband also loves it.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Transformation

Although Chelsea uses a different diet program, she keeps showing a real result in her appearance. She looks slimmer and has good weight while pregnant as she shows on her social media. As a reality TV star, this teen mom has a lot of followers. They always follow what she shared until noticing her transformation.

Chelsea Houska’s weight loss invites various reactions from her fans both positive and negative. Some followers wrote them to disagree look about her change moreover she is getting pregnant. On the other hand, the followers support and like the appearance she looked happier and healthy. Chelsea feels happy and comfortable with her life right now.

Seemly, Chelsea wants to motivate other moms with the same weight problem during or after giving birth. She shared her experience of undergoing a diet program on TV and on her social media account. The followers can check out her success on the MOM program or the Profile MOM program to know everything about her weight loss journey.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Before and After

Final Word

Chelsea Houska Deboer is a teen mom with an extra baby pound giving birth and a bad past story. She struggles to live better with a good weight in her pregnancy without eliminating her favorite foods. Chelsea got good support from her husband to change her habit by implementing healthy homemade fast-food recipes.

It turns out this way is effective to keep her health and weight during pregnancy. She feels happy and intends to motivate other moms to solve their weight gain problems. Do not worry to apply for Chelsea Houska weight loss without losing favorite foods.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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