jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Secret and Diet 2022

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Amanda Batula Weight Loss

Amanda Batula Weight Loss  – Amanda Batula is an American graphic designer, art director, stylist, and reality TV star who was born on the 24th July 1991 in New Jersey, United States. She was Born to parents Frank Batula and Donna Batula.

Amanda Batula became known to the public when she first appeared in the TV production Bravo Summer House (Season 1). It was just a guest appearance, but she left an impression on viewers.

Amanda attended Hillsborough High School. She earned his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University Of Connecticut in 2013. Amanda runs two businesses with her husband- Kyle Cooke; a Drink LoverBoy, and the other is an app called FENIX.

This app helps to create nutritional diets with the help of certified nutritionists and doctors. In this article, we will let you know about Amanda Batula weight loss, including his diet plan and workout plan.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

From the start, Amanda looked beautiful despite being chubby. He was never really overweight or obese. However, while playing the lead role in the second season of Summer House, in order to increase her confidence, and to look more beautiful, she decided to make some changes to her body.

Amanda admitted that she did not know her weight before, because she had never used a scale to measure her weight. Amanda felt fine with her body.

So, it can be concluded that Amanda lost weight only after she became a regular actress in Summer House. And that was only natural, because Amanda knew she was going to appear on the TV screen, so she wanted to make sure she looked her best.

According to some sources, Amanda Batula lose more than 15 pounds after she did weight loss program. Now, her current weight is around 57 kilogram with height 1.62 meters.

Amanda Batula

source : Amanda Batula Instagram

Amanda Batula Diet Plan

First, Amanda hired a nutritionist to come up with a diet plan that was just right and not too restrictive. Amanda’s goal is not to lose a lot of weight.

She just wanted to lose a few pounds and to look better and more attractive. To start this diet, he used the technique of ‘intermittent fasting’. And in his daily routine, he does an activity called bulletproof coffee.

Amanda also follows the FODMAP diet, but she has always said that intermittent fasting was the main factor that helped her lose weight.

Apart from that, he would also regularly eat the food he craved. So even though Amanda has the right diet plan to follow, she still enjoys the occasional burger.

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In addition, the key in her diet is that she does not consume sugar and processed foods. Her diet revolves around protein, fruits and vegetables.

How Did Amanda Batula Lose Weight

Amanda said she didn’t do any exercises, No gym, no yoga – nothing. She said that she used to exercise often, but she found it not beneficial. So, she opted for a diet to maintain her weight, and it worked. It is like a gift for him.

Final Words

Treat your weight the way Amanda did- that it’s just a number on the scale. Keep a healthy lifestyle, and weight loss is just a bonus from the lifestyle you do.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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