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Somi Weight Loss Secret 2022, Banana Diet

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Somi Weight Loss – Having a slim and healthy body is certainly the dream of all women. However, body goals can not only be obtained instantly.

It takes hard work to maintain a lifestyle by dieting and exercising regularly. Jeon Somi and IU are two of the K-pop idols that we can motivate.

Recently, the strict diet of the South Korean artist, Jeon Somi, has become the talk of netizens. The reason is that several social media accounts re-posted about the strict diet that Jeon Somi usually does to reduce her body weight.

It is known that Jeon Somi often goes on a banana diet, whenever she needs to lose weight quickly. Now, Somi has weight around 46 kilograms with height 172 cm.

This diet is done by only eating one banana for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He also consumes lots of water so he doesn’t feel too hungry.

By following a diet like this, Jeon Somi weight will decrease as much as 4-5 kg in one week.

Somi Weight Loss

Somi Weight Loss, 4 kg a week

The K-pop world cannot be separated from public expectations. We all know how standard Kpop artists are very strict.

The Idols or artists are required to be perfect because Korean beauty expectations are very high. That’s why many artists continue to diet desperately to get the ideal body.

Jeon Somi herself also goes on a diet to get the ideal body. Even though her face is already beautiful, Somi still wants to get the optimal body shape, so that she can wear cool clothes that fit to her body.

Somi Diet

Only Consume Bananas and Water

Somi weight loss method is by doing diet plan that can make her lose 4 kg in just one week. The way is by only eat bananas and drink water. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Somi only eats bananas and drin water every day during this diet.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, Somi’s diet menu is always the same. One banana and water only. There is no additional food intake in Somi’s diet. Surely you are confused because what if suddenly hungry?

If she hungry, Somi only drinks water all day long. Sounds extreme right? Although it is extreme, this diet allows Somi to get the body shape she wants. Maybe you are the one who is jealous of Somi’s body shape.

The adage “no pain, no gain” really deserves to be given to Somi for her struggles in following this strict diet. Somi can lose 4 kg a week every time she goes on this diet.

Somi Weight Loss Purpose

Please note, that Jeon Somi does the banana diet only at certain times. Usually she will do this diet before the “comeback” or reappearance with his new album.

This is usually done by celebrities and Korean idols. You must know that losing weight is one of the jobs that must be done for the sake of a perfect appearance on stage in South Korea entertainment industry.

Jeon Somi herself has been on this diet since she was a teenager, solely for the purposes of “debut” and “comeback”. The rest, Korean idols and celebrities are the same as ordinary people. They also like to eat good food. But also balance it with exercise.

Diet Must be According to the Body’s Needs

If you are really interested in following the Somi-style diet, you should be careful. Why so? Not all bodies are able to undergo an extreme diet like this. Even Somi herself doesn’t always follow this diet.

When K-pop idols want to promote new music or dramas, they usually immediately start competing on a diet. The goal is to get the most ideal body shape when in front of the camera.

But if they’re not promoting their latest work, they can all be more comfortable eating anything. Including Somi herself.

In her personal Instagram account, Somi is often seen eating various kinds of food. Such as dimsum, cake, coffee, milkshake, and rice.

So don’t just eat bananas and water all the time because Somi herself isn’t like that either. And there is one activity that you don’t forget to do.

Don’t Forget To Exercise

Many people forget one other activity when dieting. They only focus on food intake, even though exercise is very important.

You can follow exercise guides on YouTube or other websites. There, you can get the right and fast way of exercising, while providing optimal results.

Well, if you really want to diet in terms of diet and exercise, then avoid the Somi weight loss diet. Intake of bananas and water is not very good because later on too many calories are wasted, but you don’t get a replacement to provide energy for you.

Actually, Somi’s diet is focused on a calorie deficit. So, the amount of standard calorie intake that your body needs is intentionally not met.

From there, your body can feel a significant weight loss. But if it is mixed with exercise, it is definitely not recommended.

In the end, going on a diet must start with 100% intention first. Don’t let the sacrifices you’ve made stop in the middle of the road because the motivation to diet disappears.

You have to realize that dieting takes a big commitment. With a big commitment that is believed throughout the diet process, then you can get the ideal weight.

Jeon Somi Diet

Banana Diet Warning

Considering that the banana diet is one of the extreme diets, it is not recommended to try this diet, especially without the assistance of a doctor or other nutritionist. If you are desperate, your body can become sick and even experience other complications. This is very dangerous.

Especially for women who may think that Jeon Somi has succeeded in doing this diet and is interested in following it, think about it again, OK! The reason is, Jeon Somi herself is an idol who goes on a banana diet for a specific purpose, which is to appear during a comeback.

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In addition, as a top professional celebrity, Jeon Somi is definitely on a diet under the supervision of a doctor or expert. So it can not be equated with ordinary people.

This kind of extreme diet, often only aims for temporary needs, not long term. So there’s no need to try

There will be a yo-yo effect that is very likely to occur, if you decide to try it. Be careful, instead of going down, the scales will go up.

Final Words

It’s best to do a natural diet, which is replacing unhealthy foods with vegetables and fruits, and adequate protein and carbohydrates. The rest, combine diet with exercise, and avoid sugary foods or processed foods.

Although it takes time, this diet is a safe and healthy diet. If needed, you can also consult first with a trusted doctor or nutritionist, to determine a suitable diet.

Hopefully the information about Somi weight loss and diet can inspire you in carrying out the right diet process. Don’t get the wrong diet so that your body stays healthy all the time!

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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