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Katie McGowan Weight Loss Before After 2022 (Ink Master)

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Katie McGowan Weight Loss

Katie McGowan weight loss journey has been one of the most inspiring stories, especially for those who want to lose weight in the safest way without putting themselves in danger.

Not to mention that many people have undergone yo-yo effect because of the wrong dieting method or the improper way to lose weight. If you have been thinking about shedding off extra pounds and calories, you may take her story as inspirations.

Katie McGowan Weight Loss Journey

McGowan’s name had come up to the surface because of her tattooing talent. In 2015, she joined Ink Master in its 6th season. Later, she returned to the show in its 10th season. You may read another Ink Master contestant Kelly Doty Weight Loss Transformation.

Aside from her talent, which is obvious, she made a pretty shocking appearance because of her change. Clearly that she has gone through physical transformation, being able to lose the extra pounds.

The amount of weight that she lost is pretty impressive because the difference is striking! It was reported that she did not any surgery procedure to lose weight.

On her Instagram account, she told to her fans that her weight loss journey is pure from her healthy lifestyle (eat healthy and be active), not because of surgery procedure.

Katie McGowan Weight Loss Before After

Only the blind can see that McGowan has undergo striking and significant transformation.

From the photos of Katie McGowan weight loss before and after, it’s obvious that she is now slimmer, healthier, and more radiant. She even looks like a different person, thanks to her transformation.

Katie McGowan Ink Master Weight Loss

Katie McGowan Diet

McGowan admitted that changing her meal schedule and meal management is one of the most difficult things to do. After all, she loves eating! But she does admit that she had unhealthy eating habit.

She consumed anything that she could find during her busy schedule: consuming greasy fries (which is quite common for lunch), drinking coffee, and anything that she could possibly found even after midnight.

After a night of realization, she did notice that she hadn’t been talking care of herself quite well. She often stuffed herself with unhealthy foods; many of which are packed with calories.

It hit her hard, but it also made her come to her senses that she needed to change. After all, no one can make the change if not herself.

It wasn’t easy to start because food has always been her escape and her support system. When she’s angry, she eats. When she doesn’t have anything to do, she turns to food. When she is happy and want to celebrate, she would eat. That’s why starting off is difficult.

But she is determined and she develops a healthier meal arrangement plan. When she combines it with exercise, the result is amazing.


Katie McGowan comes up with a workout routine and schedule where she has at least three cardio sessions each weak; one of which lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour. She started to feel energized once she is disciplined with her meal plan and workout routine.

She has more energy than before, and fatigue is no longer an issue. She determines the healthy calories intake that she allows herself to take on daily basis. Basically, she takes care of herself, and she develops a true love self once it happens.

Final Words

McGowan has taken the right path where she cleverly and carefully plans her change. What’s important is that she is determined, dedicated, and discipline. And the Katie McGowan weight loss inspiration is the best gift that she can give to herself.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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