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Kelly McGillis Weight Loss Story 2022, Before and After

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Kelly McGillis Weight Loss

There have been news about Kelly McGillis weight loss update, especially after the release of Top Gun 2, which is the second movie of the popular flick dated back in 1986. These rumors haven’t got any official confirmation or feedback, so it remains a mystery whether it is true or not.

However, it should be interesting to understand why such rumors even exist. And why it would happen to Kelly McGillis, anyway.

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss Journey

It was reported that Kelly McGillis lost several pounds of weight. She reported lost weight around 30 pounds of weight, but it happened several years ago. At one interview, Kelly McGillis said that she was working hard to lose weight.

Based on several sources, Kelly used to have weight about 74 kilograms, but after she did weight loss program, her current weight is around 63 kilograms. It is very ideal with Kelly McGillis height which is around 1.78 meters.

What makes this rumor so interesting is the fact that McGillis has completely gone out of radar for years. After Top Gun, she was still being involved in several flicks, but then she retreated from the big platform – saying that she wanted to focus more on her family and also herself.

Even after the plan of making Top Gun 2 had been released a few years back, she was skeptical that she would ever get back. In an interview, she stated that she is too fat and old to return to the movie industry.

Finding out the reality and truth is quite difficult because McGillis likes to keep her private life remains private. She isn’t on the social media.

She doesn’t seem to be interested in coming back to the industry. She doesn’t release updates about herself or her family. Everything is completely private, personal, and closed.

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss Before After

To confirm whether she has undergone a weight loss or not can be a bit difficult, considering that there are no before and after photos. Even if you search the internet, you will only see her before photos when she was still young – around the age when she was involved in the movie Top Gun.

And her after photos would show her pictures after she gets old. It’s unclear to determine whether she really did undergo weight loss transformation. But, some of her before and after pictures show that her body weight show that there were significant changes, she looked slimmer.

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss 2022

Diet Plan

If the rumor is true, which is still not proven until now, it means that McGillis may have taken a healthier approach to her own health. Before, there had been rumors about her having some health problems although the problems weren’t clear enough.

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But if she wanted to undergo health transformation, which may affect her weight, she would do it in the proper way. She won’t be careless with her own well-being and safety.


Again, the confirmation about McGillis’ physical transformation, especially Kelly McGillis weight loss, is still vague. Aside from not being able to find accurate or true proof about her going through such a transformation, the lack of images and photos that can back up the claim, McGillis herself hasn’t said anything official.

It’s true that you need to combine good physical workout and solid meal planning if you want to lose weight, but considering that McGillis is aging enough, it’s unlikely that she may start her journey now.

It’s a good thing if she does have the consciousness, but even if she isn’t, it’s not a big problem for her.

Final Words

The rumor about McGillis experiencing a weight loss journey started at around the time of Top Gun 2 launch. It’s possible that it’s a part of promotional efforts of the movie.

It doesn’t matter Kelly McGillis weight loss rumor is true or not, as long as she’s happy with her life and herself.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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