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Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss Journey 2022, Workout and Diet

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Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss Before After

There seem to be many questions about Gabbie Hanna weight loss journey. This is valid since she always seems so perfect. But not everyone knows that she also had episodes of struggling with body image issues. After all, popularity means paying a hefty price sometimes.

Who is Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna is very multi talented woman who was born in Pennsylvania on 7 February 1991. She is a singer, actress, author and content creator especially for Youtube.

Her name became popular after she often uploaded videos on Vine. Then she moved to upload her video on Youtube. She made debut as a professional singer in 2017 by releasing a solo single entitled Out Loud.

Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss Journey

Gabbie Hanna has always been looking very fit and healthy. Yet, she had some dark times in her life when she couldn’t control her weight. Her daily vlog on her social media account especially on her Youtube and Instagram followed her roller coaster ride on the weight loss journey.

When she was filming Escape The Night, one of the Youtube Original series, Gabbie Hanna was under heavy scrutiny. The show itself was a success spanning four seasons, and Hanna was a cast member for seasons two and four.

Unfortunately, Youtube had to cancel season 5, citing they no longer have any interest in the upcoming seasons.

Joey Graceffa, the show runner, claims he holds the intellectual right to the show. He’s currently pitching Escape the Night to other networks to pick up the next seasons.

The controversy with some of the cast members in the show brings heat to Hanna’s profile and leads to her gaining some weight. But that is until she has enough and wants to regain her control in life.

Gabbie Hanna Workout

Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss Diet

Despite the controversies after Joey Graceffa’s video, Gabbie Hanna retains her status as one of the Internet personalities and musicians with millions of subscribers. She keeps making videos of her life and music and has hundreds of thousands of viewers daily.

Being a musician, Hanna needs a diet that keeps her energy level to stay high to match her busy lifestyle. She was open about starting the Keto diet.

Keto is a diet plan that focuses on fat and protein intake and limiting the carb intake to the minimum. It means, Hanna didn’t take any type of carbs at all. Whether it’s bread, pasta, rice, and so on. The carbs in the Keto diet are only from vegetables.

To some of you, the Keto diet may seem very restrictive. But Hanna takes the chance and does the diet to keep her shape. Some of her favorite menus are heavy on cheese since the Keto diet allows cheese.

Gabbie Hanna Weight Loss

Gabbie Hanna Workout

Gabbie Hanna is also keeping a healthy lifestyle. You sure have seen some of her workout videos. Hanna also admits to going religiously to the gym 4-5 times a week.

Hanna enjoys mixing up her routine to keep her. She likes to mix up her workout routine to hit the right muscle family, and of course, keep her stamina up during a performance.

Hanna often does a lot of cardio in a day. She also has schedules for Yoga and Pilates in the mix. No wonder if Gabbie Hanna weight loss program can run successfully.

Final Words

Gabbie Hanna weight loss journey may be easy to miss, but it’s still a journey like many others. One thing is for sure, you can see how drive and determination play a huge part in maintaining weight loss.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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