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Paris Phillips Weight Loss 2022 (Love and Hip Hop Cast)

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Paris Phillips Weight Loss

Something about Paris Phillips weight loss leave the fans wondering. The Love and Hip Hop cast receive a massive amount of support on Social Media after her most recent look at the reality reunion. She looks nothing like her previous self when the show just started.

Paris Phillips Weight Loss Journey

Almost all fans on social media are raving about the new look. Multiple fans on Instagram praise her look and ask for the dietician and personal trainer’s number. Even so, Phillips is being tight-lipped on the matter. She wants her work to be the focus instead of her personal life.

Anyway, many fans are wondering when Paris Phillips weight loss journey began. They started to compare her social media appearances over the years to notice the differences. Some people also claimed that Paris Phillips has weight loss surgery procedure.

Most of them guess that her journey starts between last 2020 to early 2021. They compare her look from the first time she graced the silver screen to the recent months before her bombshell look. Some fans noticed the differences right away.

Like many TV personalities, Phillips is always conscious of the image she sends to her fans. And she’s been working behind the scene to get a better figure and inspire her fans.

Paris Phillips Love and Hip Hop Weight Loss

Paris Phillips Weight Loss Before After

Fans are already used to seeing Phillips as a plus-sized performer. They were shocked when she appeared in her new look with a more visible jawline and very different fashion choices.

Before the weight loss, Paris is more popular as the honest-talking sidekick to her fellow casts. Her figure is easily recognizable in the show. But she claims that she has some health issues and wants to clear them soon.

It’s estimated that Paris Phillips lost more than 100 pounds. This cues her to prefer bolder fashion choices. She opts for figure-hugging clothes such as bodycon dresses and skinny jeans. Fans hardly see her in her cardigans and long sleeves that cover her figure.

Fans of the show are more than supportive of the recent change. They appreciate Phillip’s massive loss of more than 100 pounds in less than a year. They’ve been bombarding her with genuine curiosity about her secrets.

Paris Phillips Workout

Paris Phillips never disclose her workout routine. But fans are claiming that believe the star is doing some weightlifting and core exercises among others. Some even claim that they saw her running and hiking.

It’s common knowledge that the quickest way to lose weight is by having active cardio exercises. And always change the routine and count when hitting the plateau.

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Again, Phillips choose to not say anything about her workout routine. But whatever that is, Phillips must be very determined to reach her goal. She managed an impressive result within 12 months.

Final Words

Paris Phillips weight loss teaches all of us one principal thing. And that is how the effort will always be fruitful.

Despite the rumors about taking gastric surgery, Phillips shows us all how to rise above all criticism and hit them back with the result.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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