jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

UPDATED! Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Journey 2022 (Fluffy)

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Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss – It is being widely reported that Gabriel Iglesias creates a new history for his second chance to live. Iglesias is a comedian who loves his weight because it looked funny. However, he must remove some pounds from his body based on her doctor’s suggestion.

His 447 lbs weight had emerged as a problem for his health such as poor circulation and skin cracking on his legs.
The dark circulation caused his back of legs to be almost dark while the skin cracking caused bleeding. After knowing the real condition, Iglesias must lose weight or he will die in two years.

Whether he wants it or not, Iglesias should do it but conducting weight loss was tough for him in the beginning. Now, he had succeeded in his weight loss grapple and wants to share how it needs hard work and patience so much.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Journey

For Iglesias, his weight loss journey was not easy and fast so he almost gave up in the beginning. Gabriel Iglesias weight loss is done by doing an exercise routine and implementing healthy foods. Surely, doing something new and different from a long habit was so difficult for him. Iglesias must leave fatty foods to be changed with healthy meals with less tasty flavors.

Iglesias felt want to cry when he must do it and gym to remove his fat. Luckily, he remembered his doctor’s statement about his life is only two years if he won’t change his lifestyle. Besides that, he feels better breathing after running routine gym and a good lifestyle.

Finally, he kept fighting to finish his project while being helped by his best friend and girlfriend. Both are close people who always support and never leave him.

Gabriel Iglesias Workout

Martin and his Girlfriend gave a huge role in his weight loss journey. Gabriel Iglesias weight loss used him as his gym partner and played a significant role. Meanwhile, his girlfriend always remained Iglesias to not touch bad foods anymore. Iglesias even often canceled his fatty food order when eating in the restaurant. It is because his girl’s friend always said”You know very well what’s in these meals”.

Nonetheless, Iglesias still can drink once or twice a week which is different from the past. Iglesias used to drink four times a week. According to Gabriel, running a weight loss program for people like him with almost 450 lbs is not easy.

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It truly needs patience and hard work to finish. He also says that quick weight loss only happens for slim people. Therefore, do not believe directly if there is someone or product said about fast weight loss before investigating the truth.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Before and After

On his social media account, Gabriel shared that he lost more than 50 pounds after he struggles to be a healthy man after he diagnosed for having diabetes. On this picture below, we can see that Gabriel Iglesias weight loss before and after shows significant changes on his weight.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Before After

Final Words

Gabriel Iglesias weight loss is a tough struggle for a comedian with 447 lbs. He almost gave up if there is no support from his close people and felt better after running the planning.

Now, he just shared it to remind people with extra weight to keep their health by undergoing a good weight loss program. Although it takes patience and persistence, the result is never disappointed.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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