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Bruce Bruce Weight Loss Journey 2022 (Before and After)

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Bruce Bruce

Bruce Bruce Weight Loss – For comedy and acting, everyone will remember Bruce. Recently, not everyone knows what he made to change his look by losing a significant amount of weight.

If you are one of his fans and have been following him since he appeared on TV for the first time, you know that he was heavier. Back then, Bruce weighed 150kg, which was overweight and dangerous for his health. The situation got really dangerous so Bruce had to do something.

Yes, fans of Bruce are all shocked by the comedian’s appearance today since he isn’t much heavy like he started appearing on television for the first time. Now check out the Bruce Bruce weight loss as he has changed a lot. We will let you know about his weight loss story, including his diet plan and workout plan.

Who is Bruce Bruce

Bruce Bruce was born as Bruce Church in Atlanta, Georgia on 9 February 1965. His name became popular when he was being a host for stand up comedy show ComicView.

Bruce Bruce also stared several movies as a supporting actor, you can see his acting on Hair Show, Think like a Man, Maron and many others. And he is famous for his appearance with his belly fat, big body and curly hair.

Bruce Bruce Weight Loss Before After

Bruce Bruce Weight Loss Journey

Bruce Bruce weight loss journey was started in the year of 2014 when he got some problems with this health. Doctors suggested him to lose weight as the best solution. Yip, that was the moment when Bruce decided to lose several amount of weight by starting a vegan diet and performing a hard work to help himself in maintaining his healthy life.

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There was not much information Bruce shared so far dealing with his personal life but we have searched for his weight loss journey here.

Bruce Bruce’s Diet Plan

The comedian seems disliking fast food much. He often made a joke of fast food in his stand-up comedy performance. Bruce avoided eating not only fast food but also meat. He focused on being a full vegetarian by consuming fruits and veggies. Well, that seemed the best option. He also avoided coffee in the morning.

Workout Plan

Though no gym that Bruce joined for his weight loss program, he kept doing work out every day. He bought himself the necessary machinery to work out at home instead of using the machinery at the gym.

Well, that’s not too bad, eh? He also run every morning for an hour. And all of his struggle paid him later by losing a significant amount of weight. Believe it or not, Bruce has lost weight between 40 kg and 45 kg.

Bruce Bruce Weight Loss Before and After

Bruce Bruce weight loss has transformed him into a person with the new fresh look. Bruce who was weighing about 150 kg at first is now weighing only 110 kg. Isn’t it a great change? The significant amount of weight loss made him live healthier than ever.

Bruce Bruce Weight Loss

What Bruce Said About His Losing Weight

In one of his stand-up comedies, Bruce speaks lot about how hard he was struggling for his weight loss. He also gave the fans advises about how to lose weight successfully.

He said, “If you want to lose weight I will tell you to stay strong and stay focused, you understand? ‘Cause, it’s hard to lose weight.”

Further, he told that it is terribly hard to lose weight with all the food and stuff today. Stop eating your favorite Burger King is an example of cutting something that will kill you. He made people smile and laugh while he also gave some useful advice.

Final Words

Based on our Bruce Bruce weight loss explanation, we know how Bruce stopped his habit of living with unhealthy foods. Finally he decided to cut some pounds and he made it. Well, it would never be late to bring positive change in life as long as we are willing to do it and struggling hard for it, right?

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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