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Chelsea Dungee Weight Loss Before After 2022 (Workout and Diet)

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Chelsea Dungee

Chelsea Dungee Weight Loss – If you are a basketball player while your body is much heavier than it is supposed to, learn Chelsea Dungee weight loss and get inspired soon! Chelsea Dungee is a basketball player focusing on becoming a better 3-oint shooter.

She was noticeable to lose weight while she also keeps playing for Arkansas. Though she may have been forced to sit out a year ago after transferring from Oklahoma to Arkansas, she has still time to keep playing to good use. Here are the preview of how Chelsea Dungee succeeded in losing weight.

Who is Chelsea Dungee

She is very talented athlete especially in playing basket ball. Chelsea Dungee was born in Oklahoma on 11 May 1997. Her career in Basket Ball started when she was in high school, she was playing for Preston High School for two years. And then, she was playing for Oklahoma college basket ball for 1 season and Arkansas for 4 seasons.

Chelsea Dungee has height around 1.8 meters and weight about 75-78 kilograms. Recently, many of her fans noticed that Chelsea Dungee has lost some of pounds of weight.

Chelsea Dungee Weight Loss Journey

According to Zoom media conference, Dungee freely talked about her weight loss that gained better. In the year around 2018 and 2019, Dungee got her speed back after being claimed she played badly.

Neighbors said that her very first step back and her explosiveness was also coming back regardless the weight reduction she experienced. Dungee noted that she could move fast due to the weight loss. She noticed the difference at it and she is ready with her ability to step back to the basket.

Chelsea Dungee Weight Loss

Chelsea Dungee’s Diet Plan

Chelsea Dungee changed her diet and successfully lost 35 pounds while she also keeps playing as a 3-point shooter in her team. According to Mike Neighbors, the Arkansas women’s basketball coach, Chelsea will absolutely help improve one facet of Razorback’s game.

She added, Chelsea Dungee will get the points they need though Chelsea dedicated herself to her diet much, workout and sleep recovery. She can play in any of the positions and score around the basket while she is also maintaining her diet.

She becomes vegetarian which contribute to her way of losing weight. Later, she is noted to have a batter physical condition.

Chelsea Dungee’s Workout

Due to her dedicated workouts and diet, Chelsea Dungee weight loss made a big change to help lose 35 pounds.  “I wanted to be able to guard anybody on the floor. I want to be able to help my teammates out and me weighing 35 pounds heavier, I can’t do that.

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It’s allowed me to help my team out and be a better basketball player,” Said Dungee. Later, she added that she woke up feeling better with the better mindset. She felt better throughout the day due to her daily workout she performed.

Others Say About Chelsea Dungee Weight Loss

As Dungee has many fans, she was recognized for everything she did and achieved. At this point, Dungee was considered as the individual player that also remarked the drastic change on her weight. Will talk said that Dungee was able to trim down and maximize the ball due to the good metabolism she had. She seemed like a very slim last year,

Final Words

Finally, based on Chelsea Dungee weight loss, we may assumed that losing weight is always possible regardless the person’s professional activities. The right diet plan and routine workouts will help much in losing weight while she also keeps doing what she is supposed to do every day.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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