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Luke Combs Weight Loss Before and After Transformation 2022

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Luke Combs

Luke Combs Weight Loss – Undergoing a weight loss program often becomes the heaviest period for people. It includes Luke Combs who fail to reach it although he did it with his wife. Nonetheless, listening to the story of Luke Combs weight loss is so interesting because he finally can finish his struggle.

By the way, Luke Combs is a famous singer with extra weight since he was a child. He had ever bullied by his friends in senior high school. Nowadays, he gets fame but he still gets some negative comments before losing weight.

Who is Luke Combs

For those of you who love music country, you must know Luke Combs. Yes, he is a very talented and famous music country singer in United States. He was born as Luke Albert Combs in North Carolina on 2 March 1990. Actually, Luke Combs loved singing since he was child, it was proven when he became a singer in his high school.

Luke Combs started his professional career in 2014 by released his first mini album titled The Way She Rides. And then, his name became more popular after his first single Hurricane became a popular song which sold more than 15.000 copies for one week. Luke Combs married to Nicole Hocking in 2018 and in 2022 the couple expecting to their first baby.

Luke Combs Diet Plan

Combs did not alone in shedding his weight because Nicole Hocking his wife always accompanied him. They underwent the diet program in early 2015 and Luke Combs weight loss success losing 12 pounds in January 2015. Due to his success, he had been in a limelight in late 2016.

He and his wife run a diet by joining a vigorous fitness schedule and being vegan. Luke Combs took Klug as his trainer wherein he is the founder of Klug Fitness. Along with his fitness trainer, he could do this workout properly despite his busy schedule. His diet program gave significant results and it could make a lot of negative comments stop in early 2017.

Luke Combs Weight Loss

Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey

The last news mentioned that Luke Combs weight loss failed because he changed his diet planning. Combs changed his weight loss program after losing a bet with his keyboard player named Neil Tankersley about a football match. The singer did not join fitness anymore but he tried a vegan diet for 30 days.

Seemly, Luke Combs came back to eat any food including pizza and wine. Even, his wife could not control her diet program too. She who engaged with Luke Combs in 2018 and married on August 1, 2020, announced it officially on her Twitter.

After failing in losing weight, Combs became targeted by negative comments again. The people not only gave negative comments about his weight but also his relationship.

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Up to now, Luke Combs and his wife want to repeat their success of weight loss. However, they feel difficult to start from earlier and start comfortably with their recent condition. Then, they just focus on careers not thinking about weight loss desires.

Final Words

There are numerous meaningful lessons to take from the journey of Luke Combs weight loss diet program. They have done the best thing and success to lose weight in the beginning. So, Luke Combs could reach fame and the limelight from late 2016 until early 2017. Moreover, fitness is one of the effective workouts to lose weight.

Unfortunately, Luke Combs changed his weight loss system because of a bet. He loses bet of football along with his keyboard player and must change fitness to be on a vegan diet.

It does not matter with this kind of diet but Combs and his wife failed to do it and come back eating junk foods. Exactly, they drink wine and eat pizza though they want to repeat Luke Combs weight loss.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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