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UPDATED! Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before After 2022

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Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery – Sofia Vergara’s charming looks and hourglass figure, cock-tailed with her Colombian genes gives her beautiful and sexy appearance that many in the Hollywood envy till date. When it comes to getting the plastic surgery done to change or enhance her facial appearance, now that she is in late 40s, and with a teen son, she clearly admits that she has never gotten one done, and will never.

Who is Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a popular TV personality, and a Colombian-American actress, born on July 10, 1972. Sofia is also a businesswoman as well as a popular model. In the year 2012 – 2013, she was the highest earning actress on the American television. Her career in the acting and television industry hit the roof when she hosted a number of shows for Univision, a popular Spanish language TV network.

For her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the ABC TV series “Modern Family”, she was nominated four times for Golden Globe Awards and four Prime time Emmy Awards. She was even nominated for seven Screen Actors Guilds Awards. She even ranked 32nd in the Forbes list of the most powerful woman in the world.

In her early life, Sofia pursued dentistry, before finally leaving studies to pursue modeling and make a career in show business. Discovered by a photographer at the young age in a beach, she was laden with modeling offers at an early age of 17, when she did her first assignment in a commercial.

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Procedures

The proofs of Sofia Vergara plastic surgery are not very solid, but a Botox treatment is very much possible to get those wrinkles and fine lines out of the way, following what other celebrities have been doing for long. Her nose on her before after picture seems a bit wider and her cheeks much more full.

She does say that age and weight have made a huge difference in the way she looks, and we agree that it all might be due to age, but are we not talking about a face lift here? Considering that she is around 40 and there is not even one fine line or wrinkle on her face – how much can the good diet and exercise protect you from the natural process of ageing?

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before After

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Nose, Lip, Boob Job

While, we are not trying to be suggestive, our aim is to just be investigative and know the real truth about Sofia Vergara plastic surgery procedures. While Sofia denies completely about having gone under the knife, it leaves enough scope for us to open the discuss forum on the topic. Do you think she has got the nose job or lip job done? What about her big boobs, are they real?

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Based on many of sources, Sofia’s lip, nose and boob are fake, it caused by plastic surgery or implants that injected to her body. We can see that her boos are unnatural, it seems that breast implants procedure make her breasts get bigger and rounder. Her thick lip also caused by lip augmentation, but we must agree that she is look sexier with her thick lips.

Final Words

Sofia Vergara had so many surgery procedures to enhance her body and to maintain her face. But, her efforts to enhance her body must appreciated by us because she is now being one of the most sexiest celebrities in Hollywood.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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