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UPDATED! Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before After 2022

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Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery – For over the years, Kate Cassidy has grown as an actress and her popularity seems to be growing, especially after the TV show Arrow went on to become a huge hit among the fans. However, one thing that was very easily noticeable, especially after the Arrow season 2 was the change in her facial appearance. Losing weight couldn’t possibly make such big a difference in the face, or so is believed by most of the fans and the critics. And, it is widely believed that plastic surgery just might have done the miracle, which can be seen by comparing the before and after images below.

Who is Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy was born on November 25, 1986, is one of the most popular American actress, who has acted in a series of popular TV and CW shows, including Arrow, Supernatural, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, and Harper’s Island. She has even acted in a few films, such as When a Stranger Calls, Taken, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Scribbler, Black Christmas, Click, and so on.

Her TV career started in 2003, when she appeared for the first time in a Lifetime drama series, The Division. She also made a guest appearance in a number of other television shows, such as Celebrity Apprentice 4, New Girl and Listen Up!. Even though the Melrose Place, which was the remake of the series of the same name earlier aired in 1990, hasn’t been well in terms of ratings, the ‘New York’ magazine and many other critics applauded the performance of Cassidy, and said she is the best thing about the show.

As far as films are concerned, she entered the mainstream cinema with a debut in a horror film named ‘When a Stranger Calls’. This lead to a stream of character supporting roles in the films like Live!, Click and Taken. Other notable roles that made her way in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Monte Carlo and The Scribbler. For her role in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, she was nominated for the Teen Choice Award in the category of horror/thriller.

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before After

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cassidy doesn’t only seem to have lost the chubby chicks from before, but her face seems to have miraculously changed in appearance due to sharper nose, and better than before cheek lines. Even though it cannot be denied that she did lose a considerable amount of fat from lower hit and waist line, what seemed astonishing was how weight loss can make such a huge difference in the facial appearance as she claims.

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery for Facelift

With such huge differences clearly visible, one only wonders whether it is the plastic surgery or Kate Cassidy’s natural facelift that did the magic or arguably even facial yoga and weight loss. Whatever it was, it seems to have worked for Cassidy, but what do you think about Katie Cassidy plastic surgery for facelift procedure?

Final Words

Many of people agree that Katie Cassidy plastic surgery procedures are works on her face and body, she looks more beautiful than she used to. Her face also looks always fresh and the facelift works perfectly on her face. It seems that she did not overdo the surgery because she still looks so natural and beautiful.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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