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Jon Moxley Weight Loss Before and After Transformation 2022

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Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley weight loss occurred after he got rehabilitation from alcohol addiction. Of course, this news quite shocked his fans besides his case. In the recent condition, Moxley (the AEW star) looks more confident and much healthier.

Who is Jon Moxley

For your information, Jon with the real name Jonathan David Good also has another called “Dean Ambrose”. He was born in Ohio, United States on 7 December 1985. Besides as an actor, he is a Professional wrestler from the United Stated under All Elite Wrestling. What made Moxley became a drug and alcohol addict? How did his journey in losing weight? Let’s reveal below!

Jon Moxley Weight Loss Journey

None suppose Jon Moxley will leave AEW for undergoing alcohol rehabilitation. Moxley became an alcoholic because he has a mental disorder. His mental disturbed caused an unstable performance in the wrestling ring. That is why he must choose this way until creating the Jon Moxley weight loss journey.

What did Jon Moxley do during his rehabilitation period? The weight loss program was not caused by workouts or applying for good meals like a common diet program. Due to the program, Moxley could remove 22 to 23 pounds from his early weight is 234lbs or 106 kg.

Jon Moxley Before and After

Jon Moxley Weight Loss

Jon Moxley weight loss is inspirational with amazing transformation. He appeared first time after rehab on the last night’s episode of Dynamite. Moxley appeared fresher with a fit body condition. Even, though he looked younger than before with his new appearance.

John also shared his transformation through photographs on his social media. There is no exact explanation about how Jon Moxley runs his weight loss because it is not the main course. Hence, it is just the result of a rehabilitation program to recover him from alcohol.

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So, John did not tell about the Jon Moxley weight loss but it refers to how he fought the demon destroying his life. At least, his fans could learn from his journey to fight his condition and be a normal people. After this, John will come back to TV and the AEW again.

Final Words

That is the journey of weight loss story from Jon Moxley, the AEW star and actor. All people are possible to suffer from a mental disorder that influences their daily performance. Unluckily, the mental disorder made him become a drug-addicted and alcoholic. This case destroyed his career until he must run a rehabilitation program.

Although Moxley did not explain in detail about his weight loss way, it keeps inspiring the fans. Moreover, it gives a big change in his transformation like looking younger, fit, healthy, fresh, and more. Certainly, you can be Moxley in losing weight but in a different way.

You can work out at the gym or fitness to shed your fat effectively. Well, turn back to Jon Moxley weight loss which makes him want to pursue his career in AEW and as an actor. He will come back with his new appearance. Okay, congratulation to Moxley for the second chance at life and career.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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