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Jenea Chance Weight Loss Before and After 2022

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Jenea Chance Weight Loss

After her before and after pictures viral on the internet, some people talked about Jenea Chance weight loss result. Although Jenea Chance has shown slimmer figures in the recent photos, it’s unclear whether she had done it for purpose (for the sake of slimmer figure) or is it because of the prison life.

Nevertheless, Chance does look different from her early pictures in the courtroom. Many of people assumed that she lost so much weight because of her condition in prison which impossible for her to eat the foods that she likes.

Jenea Chance Weight Loss Journey

The weight loss update might not be a huge deal if not for her case. Jenea Chance was convicted of murdering her husband, Todd Chance in 2013.

Todd Chance was found shot to death in 2013. At that time, his wife, Leslie Jenea Chance, became the suspect, but released because of the lack of evidence. However, more evidences were found in 2016. Although most of them were circumstantial, many were convinced that she was guilty.

In 2019, the verdict came out and Chance was convicted guilty for a first degree murder of killing his husband. The reason was thought to be insurance money, but later, it was revealed that it might be the matter of heart.

Todd reconnected again with his ex, Carrie Williams, and they had been dating for 5 years prior his murder. The theory stated that Jenea, Todd’s wife for the past 17 years, had found out about his affair, leading to her planning his murder.

Leslie Chance Weight Loss

Jenea Chance Transformation

The transformation of Jenea Chance weight loss is pretty obvious, especially if you have to compare her photos before and after. During the first trial, she was seen still having chubby and round face and she was overweight.

But when she got her verdict, she looked slimmer. The chubby face was gone, and her face looked thinner. Her double chin also disappeared.

The facial area would be the easiest visible part when someone undergoes weight loss or gain. You can tell instantly whether a person has experienced a weight gain or a weight loss.

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And the facial area of Jenea Chance has obviously seen the transformation. She didn’t look overweight and ‘heavy’ as before, and there was an obvious sign that she had lost quite significant amount of weight during her time in the prison.

Diet Plan

Jenea Chance may not intend to lose weight, but her life-changing moment was the one who does the weight loss result. No one said that prison food is great.

Not to mention that you won’t be able to eat freely or have anything you want. This is most likely the main reason why Jenea Chance experienced significant weight loss.

The fact that her life has changed forever may also contribute to her losing weight quite a lot. This is the speculation that most people have drawn.

Final Words

Considering that Chance may not be able to enjoy comfort and luxury anymore, it’s quite understandable if she’s stressed out. She probably now has more time to be physically active since she has 50 years in prison – doing nothing.

If you have abundance time in your hand and you don’t have to make a living, it would be easy to dedicate your time doing more physical work. This is likely what’s happening to Jenea, leading to her successful Jenea Chance weight loss story.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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