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Brooke Elliott Weight Loss 2022, Here is What She Did

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Brooke Elliott

Brooke Elliott weight loss might be one of the most noticeable things you will see throughout her career. This Sweet Magnolias actress managed to grab the attention of a lot of people since she lost a good amount of weight. And that is not surprising, considering how significant her change of appearance is.

Because of her weight loss, a lot of people begin to wonder what this Drop Dead Diva actress did to lose that much weight. Well, you might want to take a look at her fitness routine and diet plan to see what she has been up to.

Brooke Elliott Weight Loss Journey

Nobody knew when Brooke Elliott weight loss journey began. However, you can see the results in 2022 as she reprises her role as Dana Sue in the series Sweet Magnolias. And that is when people start to notice the change of appearance of this actress and singer.

Brooke Elliott is a well-known actress who appeared many times on television. She has appeared in What Women Want, Sweet Magnolias, and even many musical theaters such as Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, The Pirate Queen, and Taboo. Throughout her career, she has always been a person who loves her curves.

Brooke Elliott Weight Loss Before After

Before losing weight, Brooke Elliot was always proud of her appearance. She is proud of the fact that she is a plus-sized actress, which you did not see quite often on television. And even after her weight loss, she maintained that confidence.

Thanks to diet and exercise, Brooke Elliot managed to lose as much as 30 pounds. And her weight loss shows in her appearance. That is why many people talk about Brooke Elliott weight loss in 2022.

Brooke Elliott Weight Loss

Brooke Elliott Diet Plan

Brooke Elliott diet plan is quite simple. Just like any other weight loss diet plan, she went through a calorie deficit. Brooke Elliot always chose to eat foods with low calories. On top of that, she also made sure that she only eats healthy foods instead of processed foods. This simple diet plan has led to an impressive 30-pound weight loss.

How Much Does Brooke Elliott Weight

Someday ago, we know that Brooke Elliot had a problem with her diet plan. No wonder if her weight was gained, she used to have weight around 185 lbs with her height around 1.65 cm. But, after she did several programs such as right diet plan, workout, exercises, does the healthy lifestyle, her weight lose around 30 pounds. So, Brooke Elliott current weight is around 155 lbs.

Brooke Elliott Workout

Of course, working out is a very crucial part of Brooke Elliot’s weight loss journey. To lose 30 pounds, she dedicated herself to Zumba and Turbo Jam. As you probably already know, these two exercises will help you burn some fat pretty quickly. On top of that, they are a fun way for you to exercise.

Thanks to her diet and workout plan, Brooke Elliot managed to lower her BMI. Brooke Elliot used to be obese based on her BMI. But now, she lowered her status as overweight, which is pretty impressive considering her busy schedule.

Final Words

Brooke Elliott is a wonderful actress and singer that has inspired many plus-sized women thanks to her confidence. Through exercise and a strict calorie-restriction diet, Brooke Elliot managed to lose 30 pounds, which is also very inspiring. And that is the story of Brooke Elliott weight loss.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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