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Bert Kreischer Weight Loss Journey 2022 (Before and After)

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Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer Weight Loss – Obesity could be explained as a weight higher than a height and it often caused many problems for body health. So, thats why many people with fat body or have obesity try to lose their weights because that not good for their body. Many factors to make obesity from foods, activities or work outs, lifestyle and genetic.

Who like stand up comedy would know Bert Kreischer. He likes do stand up comedy with shirt off and show his big belly. He also do pod caster and sometimes being a guest in other podcasts too. Recently, he did challenges with Tom Segura to lost weight.

Who is Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer has a real name Albert Kreischeras, He is an American comedian and a pod-caster who was born on November 1972. He married with Lee Ann and have two daughters. His career started as a comedian who did stand up comedy at the bars until he became famous and move to the New York City. He also known for his storytelling and his popular story is how he got the nickname “The Machine”.

Bert Kreischer Weight Loss Journey

Bert Kreischer weight loss journey was started when Tom Segura and his wife said that Kriescher belly look like Gerard Depardieu. The, many of fans started wondering why, it was a joke from the couple but the fans really take it seriously wondering why Kreischer so fat and that make some memes come out everywhere on the internet about Bert Kreischer fat.

Tom Segura has his own weight problem too. Then Kriesher and Tom done the challenge who loss the most weight. The winner would got a prize and loser would have to pay a trip to wherever the winner choose. And the looser would have to shave their beard.

Ari Shaffir who is also a comedian made the challenge more interesting. Cause, he said he would pay both of their trip to whenever Segura or Kreicher wanted If both of them can make their BMI out of obese category. And even Segura or Kreicher really made it, so Ari Shaffir have to pay both of them trip to whenever they want to go. Segura win 6 pounds after Kriescher.

Bert Kreischer Weight Loss Before After

You can see that there are some of different changes on Bert Kreischer body, his weight looks slimmer than before. His belly fat also looks slimmer than he used to. Please check the comparison of Bert Kreischer weight loss before and after below.

Bert Kreischer Weight Loss

Bert Kreischer Diet Plans And Workouts

His planning to get more loss weight since he said he tired of being fat. He try to strict of food like do fasting and have food only between 2 pm until 10 pm. He had a goal to lose 225 pounds. Bert Kreischer weight was 229 pounds in 2019 which is the lowest weight that he had been in recent years.

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But after he lost a significant weight when do challenge with Tom Segura, his weight gained back so he planned to get anther weight loss. Recently, Bert Kreischer had be seen visiting Gym to do some workourts and fitness. And it seems that Bert Kreischer weight loss programs will succesful when he is consistent with his workouts and diet plans.

Final word

You know that you need consistently to keep body in the normal weight. Need a lot of work specially with obese body and have a lot of fats onit. Bert Kreischer was 210 pounds when he 40 years old but after hosting of travel channel he gained a lot of weight . His weight became 240 pounds in the end of the show.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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