jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

Vanessa Bryant Weight Gain 2022: What’s Happening to Her?

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Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant Weight Gain – Based on some photos being released on the internet these days, people have been talking about Vanessa Bryant weight gain.

Whereas some people are talking about someone’s achievement in losing weight, some, unfortunately, prefer focusing on other people’s weight gain.

Well, everyone can have their ups and downs, but the reaction of the ‘world’ may not be too visible or clear if it happens to us; the regular people who aren’t celebrities.

Did Vanessa Bryant Gain Weight?

Because of the change in her appearance, many fans are worried about Vanessa Bryant’s condition and health. Some speculated that she might be pregnant, while some are worried that she may experiences a certain health issue that may lead to her weight gain.

Recently, Vanessa expressed her joy and gratitude to Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner) and also the league concerning naming a trophy with her late husband’s name. All Star Game MVP would be given the trophy on a yearly basis.

She seems to keep herself busy with basketball, the world that was deeply associated to her late husband and daughter. It’s possible that she keeps herself too busy that she forgets about herself and neglects her appearance.

The comments on her social media especially on her Instagram have been quite harsh. It is obvious that her change in appearance make them somewhat uncomfortable and unhappy.

And they don’t seem to have any problem expressing those comments. Some even make cruel comments about body-shame her appearance.

As for your information, Vanessa Bryant used to have weight around 165 pounds, but recently, her weight seems gain around 60 pounds. So, Vanessa Bryant current weight is around 230 pounds right now.

Vanessa Bryant Weight Gain

Vanessa Bryant Weight Gain Before After

From some of the photos on the net, it’s obvious that there have been some significant changes over her appearance. Bryant seems to have more curves. When compared to her figure before Kobe’s death (and also after her husband’s passing), it’s obvious that she is gaining some weight.

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A lot of her previous pictures showed her looking slim and obvious curves. Her face also looks thinner. But in the after photos, she somewhat looks wider with less curves being visible. Her face looks rounder, not as thinner as before.


It’s unclear whether Vanessa Bryant is still focusing on her health plan, especially about meal arrangement. However, considering that she is a former model, it would be unlikely if she goes on a ‘berserk’ mode and be careless about what she consumes.

However, she is quite active on her social media and she looks happy. Her friends say that she seems fine, especially since she is quite active in basketball participation.

It is also unclear whether Bryant is still on her workout regime. But then again, considering that she was a model, she should be familiar with strenuous exercise and also regular workout routine.

And the fact that she was married to Kobe Bryant is another factor that she would be unlikely being careless about her own health.

Vanessa Bryant Weight Gain Picture

Final Words

Despite her change in appearance, no harsh comments should be made. Anyone who is concerned about her should give her space and empathy; instead of demanding for answers.

It’s more important that she is happy and healthy, considering the huge tragedy happening to her life. That’s why Vanessa Bryant weight gain rumor shouldn’t be any issue or whatsoever.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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