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Matt Hagee Weight Loss Journey 2022, Before and After

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Matt Hagee

The curiosity of many people about Matt Hagee weight loss is very understandable. This is because he is a prime pastor with very big communities.

Matthew Hagee, his full name, is the leader of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Partnering with his dad, the famous Pastor John Hagee, Matthew has been also popular as an author of several best-selling books.

John Hagee is the Cornerstone Church founder. This is the main reason why most people really want to know about the progress of his weight loss journey.

Matt Hagee Weight Loss Journey

Known well as Pastor Matthew, he was already very talented. Graduated from Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma, this young man had shown his charisma as a great leader. There is no doubt that he already looked adorable.

In his forties, he still maintains his fit performance. Of course, it can be seen clearly that he has been maintaining a successful diet plan. He is a man whose height is above-average. He is tall with the right measurement.

At this moment, the author of “Shaken, Not Shattered” and “Response-Able” looks perfectly fit with 176.4 lbs body weight. At some of sources, Matt Hagge had lost around 20 pounds of weight.

With 5 feet and 6 inches, he is looking very much handsome. He seems to be very comfortable with his outfits.

The fact is that Matt Hagee once was facing an overweight problem. He admitted it himself during the sermon about fasting. It was in a television show on the Christian network TBN that his father was becoming the host.

Matt Hagee Weight Loss

Matt Hagge Fasting

Matt Hagee continued to explain how he managed to lose all his extra weight. Of course, he didn’t mention that fasting in Christianity was aimed to lose weight.

But, Matt Hagee was only telling that fasting regularly can make anyone reduce their desire to eat voraciously.

The truth is, fasting is more than just controlling what humans should eat or drink. As Matt Hagee explained, fasting should be the main weapon for Christians to control what their flesh desire. By fasting, the desire to fulfill the needs of flesh can be reduced significantly.

After the show, lots of people were wondering whether the efforts of Matt Hagee were only fasting to lose weight. Yet, it could be seen clearly that he was also having a regular workout. His body is very well-shaped in which it is the sign of a man with strong workout efforts

Matt Hagee’s Concern about Ideal Body Weight

The concern about having an ideal body weight seems to be his main concern. Hagee allowed a doctor, whose book was about losing weight efforts, to promote his book on his television program. What’s more, Hagee was often discussing about the book.

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It is easy to notice the concern of having a perfect body shape with a very healthy body condition. Though Hagee has never shown off the pictures of Matt Hagee weight loss before after, many people can notice that this man can reduce their weight proportionally.

Final Words

So, nobody should doubt about Matt Hagee weight loss efforts. As a preacher whose life should be the example of Cornerstone Church congregations, he knows how to stay healthy. He has the obligation to stay healthy as the bible says that the body of every good Christians is the Holy Spirit temple.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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