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Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Before and After 2022 ( Diet, Workout)

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Jimmy Jam

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss – Some time ago, American netizens were shocked by the weight loss experienced by a celebrity named Jimmy Jam, his fans began to assume variously, some of them even worried about his Health. On May 2, 2019, Keith Sweat, a Jimmy Jam fellow artist, posted a photo of Jimmy Jam’s on his official Facebook page. The post also received a variety of reactions and many comments from Jimmy Jam fans.

Who Is Jimmy Jam

Jimmy Jam is an American composer and record producer born on June 6, 1959. Actually, Jimmy’s real name is James Samuel Harris III. It’s hard to say Jimmy’s name without mentioning his music friend Terry Steven Lewis by name. Jimmy and Lewis are two close friends who have known each other for a long time since high school.

In fact, both have had a lot of success in song making and also the recording world. However, in this case what we will discuss is jimmy jam in his struggle to lose weight.

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Journey

Behind his success in the music world, Jimmy Jam was also dealing with the problem of his growing weight. In 2018, at an awards show for celebrities, Jimmy Jam seemed to have a fairly excessive weight. However, everything suddenly changed in just a matter of a few months.

All Jimmy Jam fans were shocked when he arrived at an event a few months later, with his wife Lisa. At that time, Jimmy’s body looked more ideal compared to four months ago. His supporters then began to make various assumptions.

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In fact, some have speculated that Jimmy must have suffered from a serious illness, which then caused him lose significant weight.

Jimmy Jam Diet Plan

Lisa as Jimmy’s wife describes that the significant weight loss experienced by Jimmy Jam is the result of a very disciplined diet program for half a year. As the Jimmy Jam Diet program, which until now he still maintains one of them is by consuming vegetables fried using olive oil, and with the following meal schedule:

– Menu and Breakfast Time

Every day, Jimmy wakes up at exactly 5 or 6 in the morning, then exercises lightly on foot in the morning. After the morning walk, Jimmy will go to the gym. When he’s done from the gym, he’ll have breakfast with only a salad that’s been cooked using olive oil. After that, Jimmy would drink a glass of green tea to avoid coffee and milk.

– Lunch Menu

During the day, Jimmy will eat a variety of lunch menus, but his most routine meals are salmon and Cruciferous Vegetables. Salmon is a fatty fish, but has a very small number of calories. This caused Jimmy to maintain his calorie control for a very long period of time.

Salmon is very suitable for the lunch menu when dieting, it is because salmon will meet your needs for iodine. Salmon also has a very high-protein meat, which makes it one of the best menu choices in a balanced diet program.

Dinner Menu

While going to dinner, Jimmy implemented a diet method known as the “Black Bean-Quinoa Buddha-Bowl.” A way of dieting with a consumption menu consisting only of fruits and grains.

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Before and After

Look at the picture of Jimmy Jam weight loss, especially in the first photo, that’s how Jimmy’s body looks before he did his diet program, the photo was taken precisely in January 2018, in an event. The second photo, it is a photo taken in June 2018. This second photo is clearly visible the difference in Jimmy’s weight, before and after he did his diet program.

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss

Jimmy Jam Work Out

According to one of Jimmy’s colleagues in the gymnastics team he participated in, Jimmy always went to the gym every morning, especially after a walk in the morning. At the gym he spent about two hours. The sport he does is not heavy, only limited to lifting weights and also riding casually.

Final Words

As Jimmy’s wife, Lisa told the public in a press interview that Jimmy weight loss because of he did a strict diet program and also very intensive physical activity for several months, as a result jimmy managed to lose weight up to 25 pounds.

When he was asked directly about Jimmy Jam weight loss diet program, Jimmy only stated that it was done because he felt it was very necessary to do a serious program to lose weight in order to maintain his body health.

Because, Health is the most important and valuable thing in life than anything else. Until now, Jimmy continues to be disciplined with his healthy diet program, so that he managed to achieve a healthy and ideal weight size. Maybe the information of Jimmy Jam weight loss on this site, can answer your curiosity about the causes of Jimmy Jam weight loss.

jiragam I am a nutrition graduate currently working as a writer on this blog. During this time, I provide the information related to celebrities diet, weight loss and health.

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